P119-4 Days 3 Nights – Miracle of Andaman Phuket City Tour + Similan Island + Phi Phi Island

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4 Days 3 Nights – Miracle of Andaman Phuket City Tour + Similan Island + Phi Phi Island


Day 1 : Pick up from the airport Travel around the island with a Private VIP van, check in to your hotel, accommodation, boat lagoon.


Private VIP air-conditioned van and staff will pick you up at Phuket International Airport. And bring you to have breakfast at Jepum Dim Sum restaurant The shop has a good idea at Bak Kut Teh, which smells Chinese medicine broth.


Take a photo together at the viewpoint of 3 bays, which is a wonder of nature that has been carefully created. It can see views of the 3 bays: Kata Noi Bay, Kata Bay and Karon Bay, which is a very beautiful scenery.


Go to see “Laem Phrom Thep or Promthep Cape”, a rocky cape that juts into the sea. There are many palm trees at Cape Promthep. But later there were many broken palm trees from the strong wind Standing at Promthep Cape looking out to the sea, you will see Koh Kaew Noi – Big Kaew Island in front of you. And is a very beautiful natural view point.


Pay homage to Luang Por Cham at Wat Chalong or Wat Chaitharam. It is a famous priceless temple of Phuket, if anyone comes to Phuket, you must pay homage to Luang Pho Cham of Wat Chalong for your fortune.


Go for lunch at  Rimtang restaurant, the signature menu of the shop is the grilled pork neck. Mee Chan Crab Curry Or crab meat curry Eat with boiled stock vermicelli, etc.


See beautiful buildings, ancient houses, Sino-European architecture in Phuket town that have different characteristics according to the structure. And economic status of the owner in the old Phuket town.


Take you to Check in at the hotel, Boat Lagoon Resort & Spa where you can watch yachts. Many parking sources And rest at your own pace.


Go for dinner at Laem Hin Seafood restaurant, seaside atmosphere, fresh food from local fisherman sea.


Transfer you to the hotel and relax at your leisure.


Day 2 : Similan Full Day Tour by Speed ​​Boat

Similan Islands National Park Located in Lam Kaen Subdistrict, Phang Nga Province, covering an area of ​​128 square kilometers (80,000 rai) was declared a national park area on September 1, 2525. The word “Similan” is Yawi or Malay, meaning nine or small islands in The Andaman Sea 9 islands, ordered from north to south, are Bon Island, Ba Ngu Island, Similan Island, Payu Island, Five Islands, Miang Island, Payan Island, Payang Island and Hu Yong Island. Loei Islands This is beautiful both on land and under water, able to dive in both shallow and deep water. Is from November to April And will announce the closure of the park in mid-May of every year.

Various attractions

Tourist attractions within the park are Koh Yung or one of the islands, a large island with white sandy beaches and the longest of the nine islands from November to February. Often there are sea turtles. Come to lay eggs and find traces that turtles lay eggs like With a small footprint on the beach of Koh Miang or Koh Si is the location of the Atuiyan office There is a source of fresh water and accommodation to serve tourists, white sandy beaches like powder, clear water on the island.It is the habitat of “chicken crab”, a freshwater crab that likes to live In the stream, its body is bright red The claws are black, glimpse blue. When singing, it will sound like a chicken, found in the evening. Which is when looking for food, “Nicobar” is a resident bird of the same family as the wild pigeon Have beautiful colors and patterns They can be found on the beach and in front of the visitor center, while “hermit crabs” are plentiful on the rocky Pusar beaches between Koh Seven and Koh Eight. It is a rock jets of water, beautiful underwater conditions, like an underwater valley full of soft corals. Fan shaped coralline Various colors of fish species And can also find manta rays Or whale shark at most.

             Koh Similan or Koh Pad is the largest. The bay is a horseshoe-shaped arch with soft white sand and clear water. Can dive in both deep and shallow water Fantasea rock area in the west of Koh Eight is the focal point of the flower rock Coralline coral Various kinds of aquatic animals Including other points of interest such as a boot stone Or a picture of Donald Duck’s head, for example On the upper part that corresponds to the beach, there is a sailboat shaped rock which It is a point to view the beauty of the sea far and wide. Koh Ba Ngu or Koh Kao is a small island with various rock formations. Especially at the dive site Christmas Point Mound It is a large beautiful pile of underwater rocks that are stacked in a wide area amid the perfect coral reef and coralline And still being inhabited Of various fish such as ribbon eel, silver fin shark, grouper, goby, grasshopper, etc.

The charm of the Similan Islands is white sandy beaches. Beautiful views from every degree Really worth the long boat ride. In order to see the beauty of the sea of Thailand that foreigners have come to travel We Thai people have to get a good trip with the service, so we offer a good program for you to choose to book with us.



Pick up everyone from the hotel in the morning to travel to Tublamu pier. It takes about 2 hours.


Arrive at Thap Lamu Pier, Phang Nga Province, check-in and receive diving equipment Breakfast Service.


Depart for the Similan Islands. And first dive to see the beauty of the sea See the colorful fish and corals at Island 5 or Island 6 and continue to Island 4 (Koh Miang).


Have a buffet lunch of the park on 4 islands after eating.Enjoy snorkeling / swimming around Princess Beach.


Bring you snorkeling at Koh Ba Ngu (Island 9) at Christmas Point. A highlight with stunning corals and a variety of colorful fish.


Arrive at Donald Duck Bay Of Similan Islands (Pad Island) invite you to relax on the beach, swim, take pictures or climb the viewpoint on the sailing rock, which is the symbol of the Similan Islands All visitors must have a souvenir photo of the sailing rock.


Take you to see the sailing stone. Symbol of “Similan Sea” at Pad Island (Similan Island) or choose to relax Play in the water at the beautiful Kuek Bay.


The boat left Similan and went back.


Arrive at Thap Lamu Pier, Phang Nga Province, return to Phuket And stop for dinner at Ta Thuay Restaurant, famous for fresh seafood and local dishes such as “Papaya Salad with Seaweed” that uses seaweed to make papaya salad. They are fresh ingredients from the store because they are grown by seaweed One dish gives a lot of volume. Another recommended menu “Aunt Niao’s Cockle” is served in a very large size, fresh and sweet.


Transfer you to the hotel and relax at your leisure.


Day 3 : Visit Phi Phi Island – Maya Bay – Pi Leh, Monkey Bay, Viking Cave, Khai Island with diving, travel by Speed Boat.



Receive everyone from the accommodation. Board the boat and depart for Khai Island. To snorkel in beautiful corals and colorful fishes or just relax on the beach.


Leave Khai Island to Phi Phi Don Island for sightseeing. At Monkey Beach you can take pictures with monkeys. (Don’t get too close)


Lunch at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort on Phi Phi Don Island. (Vegetarian food can be requested) After lunch you can enjoy on the beach.


We walk from Phi Phi Don to Phi Phi Ley Island. Take photos and enjoy sightseeing at Viking Cave and jumping into Pileh Sea. Sightseeing at Loh Samah Bay, the most beautiful place.


Arrive at Maya Bay, relax and enjoy in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Arrive at the pier and return back to Hotel Boat Lagoon Resort & Spa.


Receive everyone to dinner at Tu Kab Khao Beautifully decorated, good atmosphere, taste local food of Phuket people.


Return to the hotel and relax at your own pace.


Day 4 : Check out Mae Zhu souvenirs, send them to the airport.


Check out from the hotel.


Go to Khun Mae Chu mother shop. Souvenirs from Phuket Town As a souvenir center Local food And souvenirs Phuket’s famous dishes are complete with shrimp paste, tofu skewers, fish kidney curry, etc.


Take you to Phuket International Airport safely and with an impression.





  • * The program / timing might change depending on tide (sea condition). Weather conditions, accident or any other reason that concern for the safety and comfort of the all guests.
  • * Our speedboat tour are not recommended for pregnant women / person over 70 years of age / children under 1 year old. / have any medical disability not allowed on board.


Adult (Age 12+) Child (Age 4-11yrs) Infant (Age 1-3yrs)
xxxx THB xxxx THB Free

* Minimum booking 2 people

Tour Includes:

  • Airport Transfer – Hotel Private VIP Accommodation
  • Tour program around the Similan Islands, Khai Island, Maya Pile Bay with lunch, coffee.
  • Hotel Boat Lagoon Resort & Spa 3 nights including breakfast for 2 persons.
  • Full Day Phi Phi Tour By speed boat (Join tour)
  • Tour guides for the entire trip.
  • All meals, water, drinks, cool towel throughout the trip.
  • Traveler’s insurance according to the policy.
  • Not including airfare And alcohol.


What to bring:

  • * Towel
  • * Swimming suit or short and T shirt
  • * Sun block
  • * Your favorite hat and cool sunglasses
  • * Camera
  • * Some small money

Additional information


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