Khai Island (Ko Khai), Phuket, Phangnga

Khai Island

Khai Island is quite out of the way and uninhabited, the small island has a splendid coral reef suitable for snorkeling and seeing colorful fishes.

The place to spend the day in Peace and quiet , it has a beach on either side of the island. We offer day trip to Khai Islands group which consist of three lovely Islands Khai Nui. Khai Nok, Khai Nai.

At the shallow area, the absolutely white filled sandy beaches, the water is too clear. The kids, non-swimmer or good swimmers will always be very enjoy the “Snorkeling.”


Khai Island
An archipelago of 3 islets; Ko Khai Nok, Ko Khai Nai, and Ko Khai Nui, in which only the first two are accessible.

Ko Khai Nai
Boats clear sandy beaches along the northern and western sides of the island. Scuba divers will enjoy the shallow coral reefs; such as, Tabulate and Disc corals, and colourful fish. The east side of the island also presents masterpiece created by the wind as stones are carved into an elephant head and 3 tortoises. Visitor can walk around the island.

Ko Khai Nok
Consists of two islands looking like a fried egg in the middle of the ocean. There are small dunes connecting the rocks. There are small dunes connecting the rocks. In front of the island’s white sandy beach and clear water with colorful fish is the perfect place for snorkeling. The island also had shops selling food and drinks.