Phromthep cape (Laem Phromthep), Phuket

Literally translate as Brahmas Cape, Laem Phromthep is perhaps one of Phuket’s most important landmarks. There is a saying that you havent been to Phuket unless you visit Laem Phromthep. It is here that visitors soak up the sun and savor the breathtaking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea from the islands southern-most tip. The Cape is crowded especially in the evening, as it is a popular observation point at Sunset. Laem Phromthep is located approximately 2 kilometers from Rawai Beach.

Phromthep Cape or Laem Phromthep is the Phuket’s southernmost cape and the most beautiful Sunset viewpoint in Thailand especially in late December-March. The gold glimmering light is gradually painting on the water surface is the breathtaking view of many visitors. From the Cape you can see Kaew Island in the front, Nai Ya Beach on the left and Nai Han Beach on the right. Sugar palm trees and grass painted with gold sunlight in the summer are the unique things only seen in Phuket.

One of the landmarks in Phromthep Cape is Kanjanaphisek Lighthouse which was built on the occasion of King Bhumibol’s 50thanniversary accession. Light from the lighthouse can be seen afar for 39 km. Inside the lighthouse, there is an exhibition of the process of construction of the lighthouse including the standard time and how to calculate the time of sunset. On the top of the lighthouse is the most popular viewpoint where you can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the Cape. Nearby places Ra Wai Beach, 3 Beaches View Point, Nai Han Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach.

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