Trang province

Trang, a province in Southern Thailand, welcomes thousands of visitors every year thanks to its beautiful Beaches, forests, Historical attractions and Adventure travels. Trang is divided into 10 distircts; Mueang Trang, Kantang, Huai Yot, Yan Ta Khao, Palian, Sikao, Wang Wiset, Na Yong, Ratsada, and Hat Samran. Each district features many interesting tourist attractions. Trang Attractions Phraya Ratsada Nu Pradit Mahisara Phakdi museum is located about 200 metersRead More

Phang Nga national park

The Phang Nga national park covers a vast area both onshore and offshore of about 250,000 rais (100,000 acres), covering the areas of Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Takua Thung, and Amphoe Ko Yao. It was declared a national park on 29th April B.E. 2524 (1981). Ao Phang Nga national park, situated in the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand, hasRead More

Phi Phi Island (Koh Phi Phi)

Koh Phi Phi is the collective name for a small archipelago in Krabi Province just an hour boat ride from Phuket. Known as the ‘jewels of the Andaman Sea’, there are six islands in Mu Koh Phi Phi-Nopparathara National Park: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island, Yung Island, Bida Nok, and Bida Nai.Read More

Similan Islands National Park

Similan is a Yawi word which means “nine”, so it is called Island No. 9. Similan islands consist of nine islands lying from north to south.The main islands that are tourist attractions are Koh Miang (Island No.4), Koh Payu (Island No.7), Koh Similan (Island No. 8), and Koh Ba Ngu (Island No.9). These islands areRead More

The Chumphon Archipalego

The Chumphon Archipalego has high biodiversity including mangroves, forests, wild and marine animals, beaches and magnificent coral reefs. There’re also some interesting islands, such as Ko Ngam-Noi, Ko Ngam-Yai, Ko Mattra and Ko Lawa.

Lipe island (Ko Lipe), Satun

Ko Lipe, a popular destination of both Thais and foreigners. The highlights include reefs around the island, beautiful bay coastline, soft powder-like sandy Beach, especially, the stunning beauty of Ao Pattaya, which embodies curvy, white powdery sandy beach and Hat Chao Le. Both beaches are reachable in about a 15-minute walk.     Koh Lipe isRead More

Chalong temple (Wat Chalong, Wat Chaitaram), Phuket

There’s a holy place not far away from AowChalong (Chalong Gulf) which the locals put their faith in and by-passers have to stop to pay respect to. This place is called WatChalong or commonly known as WatChaitaram, located in AmphoeMueng. It is considered one of the most notable temples in Phuket. There are two moldedRead More

Coral Island or Ko He

Coral Island or Ko He is located Phuket’s south coast, is so well known for its coral reef that it is often referred to simply as Coral Island. In addition to the splendid reefs there are two fine beaches on the north and west of the island. Accommodation, restaurants, various watersports, diving and package tours are allRead More